29 October 2010

Dragonfly Dream

…for Lenny

At night, while sleeping in my bed,
and bad dreams come into my head,
then, comes my friend the dragon fly
and takes me high up in the sky.

He holds me safe upon his back
on cushions made of velvet black.
With glistening wings upon each side,
we catch the wind and gently glide.

Wow! Suddenly we swoop down low
and go across the pond real slow.
I wave my hands at frogs and fish;
then, up we go with one big swish!

We laugh and giggle as we soar
up to the sky, down to the floor.
We dive and dip and flit and glide -
no place on earth has such a ride!

Then, when the night is almost done,
before the light shines from the sun,
he takes me back to my soft bed
and on my pillow lays my head.

Each night, when I go to my bed
and bad things come into my head,
I won’t be scared and I won’t cry;
instead, I’ll ride the dragon fly!

© 2008 Sebastian Lee