01 May 2010

Maga Dawg*

dat maga dawg, him smart yah see,
fe sleep wid open eye;
him watch de pantry door all day
fe maid tah drop meat pie.

Him know de maid mus hurry fass
an pay tah him no heed;
an so him wait dere patiently
fe satisfy him greed.

An sure nuff come de maid mistake,
whilst bustin’ tru de door,
de tray fly up, lan at she feet
wid meat pies on de floor!

Ol’ maga dwag him jump up quick,
whilst maid stan dere an bawl,
an snatch one pie up en him mout
an nyam it crust an all.

Den, whilst de maid vex up an glare
wid look fe mek him die,
him jump behin de pantry door
an sleep wid open eye.

©Rasta Rascal

*Written in a simple form of Jamaican country dialect
known as patois. maga = skinny and undernourished,
nyam=to eat greedily


  1. hi. i like this poem lots. it made me laugh cause of that dog being so sneaky. ...hugs from lenny

  2. Sebastian, this is awesome. I've never read poetry written in patois but this is beautiful.

    Mek I an I kyeah massively bout maga dawg anna is livication!

    BTW what happened to your followers? I was following before but today it made me do it again.

  3. Hi there,
    I saw you over at Lenny's World an' thought I'd stop over an' check out your blog. I'm glad I did 'cause I really, really like your poetry. It speaks from deep inside an' paints pictures. Thanks for sharin' it.

    ~ Yaya

  4. Wow...Beautiful! I thought it was cajun at first. :) Thanks for introducing us to a new concept.