01 May 2010

Sweet Fruit of My Desire

I hold her gently in my hands
beneath my favourite tree,
smiling at the lovely thought
of what she’ll give to me.

My fingers touch her silky skin,
caress her blushing cheeks;
inhaling her sweet perfume,
my hunger grows and peaks.

I peel away her soft pink dress;
exposing her to me;
she flaunts her perfect nakedness
and taunts invitingly.

With fingers pressed into her skin,
I lift her to my lips
and gently taste her sweet ripe flesh
in boyish bites and nips.

With eagerness beyond control,
I give in to my greed,
consuming her completely,
I fill my lustful need.

I love this ripe old mango tree,
of her I’ll never tire;
I’ll eat until the tree is bare;
sweet fruit of my desire!

gotcha! ;)
©Rasta Rascal