06 November 2010

Mirror of Black Reflection

Who am I, who, by impudent aspiration,
dared to seek accordance in  places of
isolation, for those disposed as me, at least?

Yet, chance, strange curiosity, mistook me
for a muse, and arm in arm with fate, set
my hand upon the scene I’d so oft sought.

There, safe, for facelessness, amidst the
many muses, did I , through ignorance
and greed,  disclose my knavish birth.

Then, steeped in childish pride, for words
of soft composure quickly honoured,
my lowly self  was fraught to rouse and rise. 

Alas, poor fool!  Wisdom oft times sleeps
til swiftly wakened!  And I, beguiled buffoon,
pride and sensibility lay bare myself to slay.

Twas ne’er this foolish lad who felled the door.
No!  Words alone wrought this witless folly. 
For such, I inflame the mirror of black reflection.

© Sebastian Lee


  1. hi sebi! yikes! i got not one idea what youre talking about on this poem. im leaving a comment so you could know someone read it. ha ha. i hope someone that get what it means reads it.
    ...love and hugs from lenny

  2. Sebastian~ I think we all question who we are. Are we more than what we do or what people perseve us as? When we look in the mirror do we see the real us or when other people look at us are they seeing the real us?

  3. We miss ya bredren. I blogged about Patois and you a little today. I hope to see more from ya soon!