19 February 2011

De Jamaican Higgler


Ol’  Muddah Ratbat frem parish St. Ann,
sly like de mongoose an smattah den man!

Mek plenty money frem straw goods and tips
down at de market where moor dem gran ships.

Toss out big hook fe tourist tah swallah;
snatch in de Whitefish, catch yankee dollah.

Sell plenty tings, say mek by Jamaicans;
trut be, she wares was got frem de Hatiens.

“Buy someting massa, hep Muddah’s poor lot;
me doan hab no roof an ongly one pot.”

“Pickney dem stravin’, see how dem mauga;
beg yah buy someting; me give yah a *braughtah.”

Mistah him sorry fe muddah’s poor life;
pull out fat wallet an pass tah him wife.

Spen plenty money, guilt fe tah bury;
tek up dem spendins, six parcels dem carry.

Pack up she wares wen de clock han strike four;
grab up de pickney, pass tru de banque door.

Lodge mos de money, out back door she side;
unlock  she big cyar, push pickney inside.

Drive tah she sistah an slip she a ten;
promise fe nex day rent pickney again.

Lean back pon de seat an light up a fag;
laugh fe de trickery, drive home in she jag!
*a little  something extra…like a baker’s dozen in the U.S.A.

                                                                       ...Rasta Rascal 


  1. LOL...I'm pretty sure I was a whitefish last week, but I'm okay with it. I always figure that my tourist dollar is paying for the experience as much as it is for the items I purchase.

    Great poem, Sebi!

  2. hi mr sebi! this poem got me laughing for that higgler being pretty sneaky. i like the word trickery. miss sharon said shes a whitefish cause of her trip to the dominican republic. ha ha. do some more of these kinds of poems. theyre pretty cool.
    ...hugs from lenny